Bellingham United 26, Portland Blacktails 6

Bellingham did not waste the long trip to Portland on Saturday afternoon scoring 26 goals, including 11 goals in the fourth quarter to knock off the Blacktails 26-6. Danny Fazio and Jordan Voigt each posted five goals while Richard Henderson abd Ale Tomasi each registered a hat trick. Calvin Huynh, James Salisbury and Lalo Canales each added two goals in the huge win.

Bellingham (2-4) goals: Danny Fazio (5), Jordan Voigt (5), Richard Henderson (3), Ale Tomasi (3), Calvin Huynh (2), James Salisbury (2), Lalo Canales (2), Dylan Langei, Sebastian Kent, Mason Rudolph, Spencer Wolfe
Portland (1-6) goals: Damien Miranda, Isaac Vargas, Javier Milian, Corey Dias, Adrian Rubio, own goal

Everett City 7, Snohomish County 4

Everett City continued their fine start to their club’s existence with a 7-4 win over Snohomish County in Snohomish on Saturday night.

Everett (5-1) goals: #23 (3), Johan Espinoza (2), Kyle Witzel, Manuel Segura
Snohomish (3-3) goals: Dorian Lair (2), Eliot Misic, Daniel Amador

Tacoma Stars Reserves 5, Oly-Pen Force 1

The Tacoma Stars Reserves continue to dominate defensively allowing just one goal in their 5-1 victory over the Oly-Pen Force in Tacoma on Saturday night. AJ Nitzel registered a hat trick while Isidro Prado-Huerta scored twice in the win.

Tacoma (5-0) goals: AJ Nitzel (3), Isidro Prado-Huerta (2)
Oly-Pen (0-5) goals: Colin Ralston

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