Everyone involved in the Western Indoor Soccer League wants to get our players back on the arena floors and for our great fans to watch the exciting indoor soccer action our clubs have provided for six seasons. The past 11 months have turned all aspects of our lives upside down and unfortunately the WISL has also been severely impacted.

The WISL wants to be a good steward in our communities and want to ensure we have a safe environment for our players, coaches, officials and fans when we return to play. After many meetings and with everybody interested in giving players the opportunity to return to play, there are still a lot of uncertainties that exist at this time that will make it impossible to have a 2020-2021 WISL regular season. For a variety of reasons, whether it be facility and player availability or the financial impact clubs have experienced, some clubs are planning to regroup for late fall 2021 and return to play at the traditional league kickoff time.

However, there are some clubs who are in a position to play exhibition matches this season and the WISL will support them at their discretion and where state and local regulations allow. Some of our clubs over the next couple months will be setting up exhibition matches against each other. Visit your local club’s social media sites and stay tuned to the WISL online for more information on exhibition matches in the coming weeks.

We respect and support each of our club’s decisions during this time and look forward to resuming traditional league play in the fall of 2021 and to welcome back all of our players, coaches, officials and fans for exciting WISL action.

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