NICK CASHMERE – BELLINGHAM UNITED: Cashmere continued his outstanding career in the Western Indoor Soccer League with his best scoring season yet, netting 19 regular season goals despite missing three games and only registering two goals in the second half. Added a defensive robustness to his special teams game as well. Cashmere was the only unanimous choice among the coaches and front office members that voted for the All-WISL teams.

KEVIN FLAVIN – SNOHOMISH SKYHAWKS: After many years with the Oly-Pen Force, Flavin moved to the Snohomish Skyhawks and had his best season, registering 13 regular season goals to lead the team, and came through in the clutch many times leading the Skyhawks to the #3 seed in the WISL playoffs.

ALEX HERNANDEZ – OLY-PEN FORCE: The most consistent presence on the Force roster over the last three seasons has been Hernandez and he had another fantastic season, scoring 17 goals finishing second in the league behind Cashmere. His 17 goals accounted for 33% of the Force’s offense, the highest percentage of a team’s goals in the league. Has 46 goals over the past three seasons for the Force.

NATE FORD – TACOMA STARS RESERVES: Another league veteran, Nate Ford had one of his finest seasons, leading the Stars Reserves with 12 goals along with numerous assists. Uses the boards and his experience to his advantage better than anybody in the league and adds a fierce defensive presence with multiple blocks and goal line clearances this season.

RICHARD HENDERSON – BELLINGHAM UNITED: Bellingham’s head coach is still getting it done on the field despite the extra work he has to do in game. Henderson scored 14 goals this season and just continued his consistent excellence over his five seasons in the league.

JJ OLSON – OLY TOWN ARTESIANS: The biggest reason for the Artesians’ improvement this season was the presence of goalkeeper JJ Olson. Olson played just one game last season because of injury but with him in goal for nine games this season, Oly Town allowed nearly 50 less goals. Olson posted a 5.37 goals against average this season leading his team to the #4 seed in the WISL playoffs.

LOGAN JONES – TACOMA STARS RESERVES: One of the most stubborn defenders in the league, Jones also chipped in five goals this season while pulling double duty with the Major Arena Soccer League’s Tacoma Stars.

NATE BOATRIGHT – OLY TOWN ARTESIANS: Oly Town’s captain had another solid season, scoring four times and chipping in seven assists while playing tough defense and leading his young team.

AJ NITZEL – TACOMA NARROWS: A tough forward that scored 14 goals this season, providing 30% of Narrows’ offense, second only to Alex Hernandez.

ADRIAN CORREA – TACOMA STARS RESERVES: Another very tough defender for the Stars Reserves, Correa scored four goals from the backline this season while also pulling double duty with the professional Tacoma Stars.

CONNOR MOE – BELLINGHAM UNITED: Bellingham’s captain is another tough tackling defender that covers the entire field, doing a great job of pushing forward. Scored eight goals including a four goal game at Oly-Pen.

TREVOR DAVOREN – SNOHOMISH SKYHAWKS: Came through in the clutch for the Skyhawks keeping the opponent off the board many times when the defense broke down in front of him. Carried the team, especially with the team in foul trouble often.

ELEAZAR GALVAN – BELLINGHAM UNITED: Scored 14 goals in his first indoor season for the Hammers.

MICAH WENZEL – TACOMA STARS RESERVES: Tacoma’s captain, consistent and solid across the board.

COLLIN TATE – OLY TOWN ARTESIANS: Led the Artesians with eight goals as a tough, consistent midfielder.

JAISEN ZURFLUH – OLY-PEN FORCE: Scored 11 times for the Force with his deadly left foot.

GREG WOLFE – SNOHOMISH SKYHAWKS: A physical defender, saved a bunch of goals for the Skyhawks.

NATE SALVESON – BELLINGHAM UNITED: The WISL journeyman found a home in Bellingham and shored up a position that was a major concern for the Hammers going into the season.

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