The Western Indoor Soccer League playoffs will finally get underway this weekend in snowy Bellingham and thawing Tacoma. The top two teams – the Tacoma Stars Reserves and Bellingham United – ran away with the top two spots while Tacoma Narrows and the Snohomish Skyhawks had to battle to the last day for their position. Now Narrows and Snohomish face tough road tests and pull of something that no other WISL underdog has ever pulled off. No lower seed has ever upset a higher seed in the WISL playoffs, with the #1 seed taking the championship all four years. The Tacoma Stars captured the first title in Tacoma, then Bellingham went on a three year title run, all on their home field.


Saturday, February 16 – 7:00 PM – Tacoma Soccer Center

After what turned out to be a two week break, the Tacoma Stars Reserves and Snohomish Skyhawks kick off the 2019 WISL Semifinals on Saturday at 7:00 at the Tacoma Soccer Center. The Stars Reserves come into the game undefeated at 10-0-0 having allowed just 28 goals this season, by far the lowest in the league this season, and a +66 goal differential.

Meanwhile, Snohomish went 3-5-2 in the regular season and they allowed 70 goals this season, the third least in the league. The two teams met twice and the Stars Reserves handed Snohomish their worst losses of the season both times, 8-1 and 11-4.

JJ Schmeck | Photo: Bob Bunn
#1 Tacoma Stars Reserves (10-0-0, 30 points)

Biggest win: 17-5 – Oly Town Artesians – December 15
Worst loss: None
Closest game: 3-2 win – Bellingham United – December 22
Goals scored per game: 9.4
Goals allowed per game: 2.8
Home record: 5-0-0 (+32 goal differential)
Top 5 goal scorers: 13-JJ Schmeck, 10-Danny Minniti & Nate Ford, 9-Eddie Na, 8-Jeff Bader
Top goalkeeper: Mike Arguello (9 starts)
Offensive POTW: Micah Wenzel (week 8)
Defensive POTW: Mike Arguello (week 1), Logan Jones (week 3), Danny Minniti (week 5), Micah Wenzel (week 6), Jeff Bader (week 9)

Devin Shull | Photo: Charis Wilson
#4 Snohomish Skyhawks (3-5-2, 11 points)

Biggest win: 7-4 – Tacoma Narrows FC – January 26
Worst loss: 8-1 & 11-4 – Tacoma Stars Reserves – Dec. 8 & Feb. 2
Closest game: 8-8 draw – Oly-Pen Force – Jan. 5 & 4-4 draw – Oly Town Artesians – January 12
Goals scored per game: 4.8
Goals allowed per game: 7.0
Road record: 1-3-1 (-8 goal differential)
Top 5 goal scorers: 14-Devin Shull, 7-John Troka & Tye Hastings, 5-Kyle Aure, 4-Devin Mendiola & Tony Clarke
Top goalkeeper: Trevor Davoren (9 starts)
Offensive POTW: Tye Hastings (week 6)
Defensive POTW: Trevor Davoren (week 7)


Saturday, February 16 – 7:35 PM – Tacoma Soccer Center

The new kids on the block take on one of the founding members of the WISL when Tacoma Narrows makes the trip to Bellingham on Saturday night. Bellingham United went 8-2-0 during the regular season and finished second after finishing the regular season first for the past three seasons. The Hammers finished second in goals scored (81), least goals allowed (41) and goal differential (+40).

Narrows went 4-6-0 in their first season and recorded just the second shutout in league history when they blanked the Oly Town Artesians 8-0. But the gap between 2nd and 3rd was wide during the regular season, with Narrows posting a -22 goal differential including two losses to the Hammers, 9-2 and 13-1.

Richard Henderson | Photo: Jon Bergman
#2 Bellingham United (8-2-0, 24 points)

Biggest win: 13-1 – Tacoma Narrows – January 5
Worst loss: 8-3 – Tacoma Stars Reserves – January 26
Closest game: 3-2 loss – Tacoma Stars Reserves – Dec. 22 & 5-4 win – Oly Town Artesians – Feb. 2
Goals scored per game: 8.1
Goals allowed per game: 4.1
Home record: 4-1-0 (+19 goal differential)
Top 5 goal scorers: 17-Richard Henderson, 12-Christian Caro & Uriel Herrera, 7-Connor Moe & Nick Cashmere
Top goalkeeper: Riley Liddle (9 starts)
Offensive POTW: Jared Davis (week 1), Richard Henderson (week 3 & 6)
Defensive POTW: Connor Moe (week 2), Riley Liddle (week 4)

Nate Salveson | Photo: Charis Wilson
#3 Tacoma Narrows FC (4-6-0, 12 points)

Biggest win: 8-0 – Oly Town Artesians – January 19
Worst loss: 13-1 – Bellingham United – January 5
Closest game: 10-9 win – Oly-Pen Force – February 2
Goals scored per game: 5.2
Goals allowed per game: 7.4
Road record: 2-3-0 (-14 goal differential)
Top 5 goal scorers: 10-JC Henson, 8-Jeremy Maldonado, 7-Alex Vogt, 5-Brent Ricigliano, 4-AJ Nitzel & Shane Gutierrez
Top goalkeeper: Nate Salveson (10 starts)
Offensive POTW: None
Defensive POTW: Nate Salveson (week 8)

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