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Bremerton, WASH. – The annual Western Indoor Soccer League Pre-Season Tournament kicks off at 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoon, featuring eight squads from five WISL teams competing to play in the championship game at 7:15 at the Oly-Pen Sports Center in Bremerton. Admission is free and fans can enjoy beer specials from Silver City Brewing and pulled pork sliders in the cafe.

The eight teams are divided into two groups with the top two teams from each group advancing to the semifinals. Here is how the two groups breaks down:

Group A: Oly-Pen Force Blue, Tacoma Narrows White, Tacoma Stars Reserves Blue, Oly Town Artesians
Group B: Oly-Pen Force Red, Tacoma Narrows Black, Tacoma Stars Reserves White, Bellingham United

Teams will play two 15 minute halves with a three minute halftime break and a ten minute warm-up between games.

2:00 PM
Field #1 – Force Blue vs. Narrows White
Field #2 – Stars Reserves Blue vs. Artesians

2:45 PM
Field #1 – Force Red vs. Bellingham
Field #2 – Narrows Black vs. Stars Reserves White

3:30 PM
Field #1 – Force Blue vs. Stars Reserves Blue
Field #2 – Narrows White vs. Artesians

4:15 PM
Field #1 – Bellingham vs. Stars Reserves White
Field #2 – Force Red vs. Narrows Black

5:00 PM
Field #1 – Force Blue vs. Artesians
Field #2 – Narrows White vs. Stars Reserves Blue

5:45 PM
Field #1 – Narrows Black vs. Bellingham
Field #2 – Force Red – Narrows White

6:30 PM – Semifinals
Field #1 – 1st place group A vs. 2nd place group B
Field #2 – 1st place group B vs. 2nd place group A

7:15 PM – Championship
Field #1 – Semi winner #1 vs. Semi winner #2

Teams receive 6 points for a win, 3 points for a draw, 1 point for each goal up to 3, 1 point for a shutout.

Follow all the action of the WISL Pre-Season Tournament by following the WISL on Twitter at @wislnews, liking them on Facebook at, and following them on Instagram at wislsoccer.

1 Comments on “WISL Pre-Season Tournament Schedule Released”

  1. Reblogged this on Oly Town Artesians and commented:

    The WISL has released the schedule for the Pre-Season Tournament coming up on Saturday, November 3rd in Bremerton. The Artesians will play at least three games – 2:00 PM vs. Stars Reserves Blue, 3:30 PM vs. Tacoma Narrows White, and 5:00 PM vs. Force Blue.

    Full schedule and more details below…


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