Oly Town Artesians honor former teammate Austin Kelley

OLYMPIA, WA—The Oly Town Artesians honored the memory of former teammate Austin Kelley Saturday night at the Evergreen State College. Friends, family and teammates spoke about Austin’s positive character and kindness both on and off the pitch.

Source: Oly Town Artesians honor former teammate Austin kelley


Kelley was tragically killed in an accident on the Salmon River in September of 2016 at the age of 26, leaving behind his wife Morgan and baby daughter Riann.

Kelley, a star soccer player at Olympia High School, played four years at Saint Martin’s University later joining the Oly Town Artesians indoor team.

Former Artesian teammate Ryan Perkins helped organize the 2nd annual Austin Kelley night, raising funds for Austin’s baby daughter Riann.

Perkins says the team wanted to help Austin’s family any way they could. He expects the Artesian family to keep the tradition going, for the years to come.

The Artesians close out the 2018 season February 3rd at Bellingham United.

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