WISL goal scoring leaders through January 16, 2016


WISL Logo_150The Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) is seeing quite a race for the most goals scored by a player this season. It’s like a rocket launch countdown in the top five: 12-11-10-9-8!

Gus Bermudez has been sitting at the top for a few weeks, but he needs to look out below as Scottish gent Richard Henderson is coming on strong with 11 after his weekend hat trick. Nate Ford of the Stars Reserves remains a steady contender with 10.

Enrique Hidalgo has made the most of a few matches with the Olympic Force and already has nine goals. Kyle Danielson (Stars Reserves) and Hector Valdovinos (Snohomish Skyhawks) have 8 each. Four players (including three from Sporting Everett) have seven goals. See each team’s scorers below!

WISL goals scored through January 16, 2016

Bellingham Olympic Oly Town Snohomish Sporting Tacoma Vancouver
R. Henderson-11 Bermudez-12 Spurr-6 Valdovinos-8 Hendrickson-7 Ford-10 Mejia-4
Pederson-7 Hidalgo-9 Wolfe-4 Troka-6 Correa-7 Danielson-8 Naylor-4
Quilici-6 Perkins-6 Sanford-3 Peters-4 Conrad-7 McCluskey-5 Brace-3
Jimenez-5 K. Johnson-5 Wiese-3 Bochner-2 L. Rodriguez-6 John-4 Hale-2
Jepson-4 Deluna-4 Boatright-2 Taylor-2 Postma-4 Cariel-4 de Leon-2
Bjork-4 Flavin-3 Espinoza-2 Gamache-2 Betancourt-3 Henson-3 Romac-2
Moe-4 Kelmel-3 Castillo-2 Burns-1 Ecaslante-3 Bulala-2 Chamberlain-2
Cashmere-4 Cisneros-2 Monzon-2 Espinoza-1 Reinhart-2 John-2 Sanchez-1
Parker-3 Aceves-2 Allison-2 Michaelides-1 Sitzman-1 Lee-2 Guthrie-1
Ibarra-2 Samoza-2 Kemennu-1 Kehoe-1 Seye-1 Vogt-1 Garcia-1
Mareneh-2 de la Cruz-2 Kelley-1 Ellis-1 Graham-1 Conforti-1 Bedoyan-1
James-1 Nilsen-2 Rosgen-1 Renslo-1 Na-1 Vejo-1
Anderson-1 Demombynes-1 Stallworth-1 Gordley-1 Culpin-1
Caro-1 Alwudu-1 LaTorre-1 Dourado-1 Paine-1
Ugwaoba-1 Beck-1 Desmond-1
Olson-1 Correa-1

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