WISL trophy: Soccer becomes art, art becomes ‘silverware’

LAKEWOOD, WA — The Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) is an elite adult indoor league forged right here in the Northwest. So it made perfect sense to build a trophy not only out of elements from the area, but by someone from the area. That’s the notion that connected WISL Commissioner John Crouch with Quinn Honan. The rest is…a unique trophy!

Honan, who owns and operates Honan’s Custom Metals out of Lakewood WA, was given the league logo (designed locally by Timothy Hamilton of Viking Design Studios) and the direction to create something unique and tangible.

The elements of metal and wood are used as the league logo suddenly comes to life and represents the dynamic nature of indoor soccer. The Tacoma Stars raised the trophy to end the WISL’s first season. Who will raise it in February of 2016?

The 2015-16 WISL season kicks off on Saturday November 21 with six of seven clubs in action.


Quinn Honan & John Crouch with the WISL trophy.





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