WISL kicks off pre-season in Bellingham; Olympic Force win tournament


BELLINGHAM, WA— The Olympic Force won the second annual Northwest Indoor Soccer Invitational on Saturday after beating the Tacoma Stars Reserves 4-1 in the Final. The Force also won three 24-minute matches earlier in the day, taking a 6-1 win over Vancouver, a 2-0 win over Oly Town and a 5-1 win over Bellingham United.

Here are the scores from the tournament. Matches were 24 minutes long.

Tacoma Stars Reserves-4 Snohomish Skyhawks-2
Oly Town Artesians-2 Vancouver Victory-1
Bellingham United-5 Snohomish Skyhawks-1
Olympic Force-6 Vancouver Victory-1
Tacoma Stars Reserves-2 Bellingham United-1
Olympic Force-2 Oly Town Artesians-0
Tacoma Stars-6 Oly Town Artesians-2
Snohomish Skyhawks-4 Vancouver Victory-1
Olympic Force-5 Bellingham United-1

FINAL: Olympic Force-4 Tacoma Stars Reserves-1

Photos up on WISL Facebook


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