Wenatchee’s Adrian Espinoza fires in four to take WISL Player of Week

WISL men's indoor soccer Wenatchee at Arlington

Adrian Espinoza is tied for second in the WISL with 8 goals scored after scoring 4 last Saturday in Bellingham. (Wilson Tsoi file photo)


Deja Vu. All over again.

Adrian Espinoza sure likes playing at the Sportsplex in Bellingham. In November of 2013 he scored four goals to lead the Fire over the WSA Rapids while winning PASL NW Player of the Week honors.

On January 10th 2015 Espinoza  scored four goals and tagged in two assists to earn WISL Player of the Week honors, also at the Bellingham Sportsplex. “I’m just playing the game I love and capitalizing on opportunities I’m given,” says Adrian of his stellar play for the Fire in Bellingham away matches.

WISL men's indoor soccer Wenatchee at Arlington

Adrian Espinoza. (Wilson Tsoi)

“The match was very intense and we got caught flat-footed (a few times.) My teammates set me up with chances and I was able to put the ball in back of the net.”

The Hammers were amazed by Espinoza’s performance. They posted “He’s on fire,” on their Facebook page as Adrian kept the Wenatchee club in the match with a flurry of goals. It was 6-4 Hammers before they finally pulled away to top the Fire 12-7.

Espinoza plays outdoors for Wenatchee FC of the Evergreen Premier League. It’s a year-round passion.

“Playing year round is great…keeps us in shape by being able to play against the best of the best in our leagues. My body does need some rest with some of the brutal beatings I take but that’s all part of the game.”

How does Espinoza see the Fire’s first season in the WISL?

“Our Fire season is going well so far. We’re not where we want to be but we’re not done yet. We hit a rough patch that a lot of good teams go through and we will work our way back, and hopefully fix it to make a great run in the WISL, and win it for Wenatchee.”

Previous Players of the Week: Danny Romero, Willie Spurr, Andrew Weishaar, Derek Johnson, Derek Johnson. Nick Cashmere.

Adrian Espinoza (center) is an indoor-outdoor star in Wenatchee soccer. Here he celebrates with Wenatchee FC of the EPLWA. (WFC photo)

Adrian Espinoza (center) is an indoor-outdoor star in Wenatchee soccer. Here he celebrates with Wenatchee FC of the EPLWA. (WFC photo)

GOALS SCORED in WISL through January 10, 2015

Johnson, Derek Tacoma 12
Spurr, Willie Oly Town 8
Espinoza, Adrian Wenatchee 8
Weishaar, Andrew Bellingham 7
Wolfe, Greg Oly Town 7
Burns, Aaron Arlington 6
Quilici, Brendan Bellingham 6
Jepson, Chris Bellingham 6
Gjertsen, Joey Tacoma 5
Cashmere, Nick Bellingham 5
Danielson, Kyle Tacoma 5
Brown, Kellan Bellingham 5
Zaccagnini, Gabriele Bellingham 5
Salveson, Nate Oly Town 4
Stalnik, Matt Oly Town 4
La Torre, Justin Oly Town 4
Ford, Nate Tacoma 4
McCluskey, Vincent Tacoma 4
Alvarez, Josh Wenatchee 4
Barboza, Juan Wenatchee 4
Mendoza, Hernan Wenatchee 4
Stefanko, Matthew Wenatchee 4
Panduro, Adrian Arlington 3
Cox, Jamael Tacoma 3
Raymond, Chris Tacoma 3
Rodriguez, Yonatan Wenatchee 3
Smith, Winfred Arlington 3
Brown, Russ Arlington 3
Espinoza, Alex Wenatchee 3
Jimenez, Oscar Bellingham 3
Kochman, Brooks Bellingham 2
Hastings, Tye Bellingham 2
Hughes, Tyler Bellingham 2
Richards, Jamie Wenatchee 2
Crutchfield, Zach Arlington 2
Ramirez, Martin Oly Town 2
Cox, Raphael Tacoma 2
Vickers, Cam Tacoma 2
Conforti, Byron Tacoma 2
Schmeck, JJ Tacoma 2
West, Adam Tacoma 2
Galvan, Miguel Wenatchee 2
Alvarado, Efrain Arlington 1
Rodriguez, Lupe Arlington 1
Fajardo, Miguel Arlington 1
Gosslee, Jeff Arlington 1
Curtis, Austin Bellingham 1
James, Jonathan Bellingham 1
Parker, Kenny Bellingham 1
Bundy, George Oly Town 1
Fowler, Dyson Oly Town 1
Espinoza, Brady Oly Town 1
Kemennu, Tom Oly Town 1
Chouinard, Luke Oly Town 1
Rancipher, Mike Oly Town 1
Williams, Tanner Oly Town 1
Weise, Kyle Oly Town 1
Pirotte, Steve Tacoma 1
Vargas, PJ Tacoma 1
Rodriguez, Johnny Wenatchee 1
Villa, Joel Wenatchee 1
Perez, Mauricio Wenatchee 1
Lopez, Elias Wenatchee 1

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