Route One: Nick Cashmere brushes against Oly Town goalkeeper.(Claris Wilson)
Route One: Nick Cashmere brushes against Oly Town goalkeeper Clint Lothrop.(Claris Wilson)
Nick Cashmere.
Nick Cashmere.

BELLINGHAM, WA— In the heat of a 17-goal battle, Nick Cashmere kept his cool with three goals and three assists. Cashmere didn’t let the smaller confines of Olympia Indoor Soccer’s pitch constrain him from a break-out game and in the process a thrilling 9-8 Hammers win over the Artesians. Cashmere is the Western Indoor Soccer League’s latest Player of the Week.

hammers“Nick grew up in Bellingham so many of the players on our team have known Nick for a long time,” says Bellingham United WISL head coach Mark Lackey. “Nick played for the old Rapids indoor team a number of years ago. He played college soccer in California and most recently has spent time playing in Costa Rica. He is back home for a short period of time and reached out to us to see if we had availability to play.”

Imagine not only surviving the quick adjustments from outdoor soccer in a foreign land to indoor soccer on the league’s smallest pitch — but pulling off such a performance.

“Growing up in Bellingham, I have always been able to play indoor, thanks to the weather,” says Cashmere. “With the Hammers, that was my very first game.”

“This game against Oly Town was a very back and forth game,” says Nick, “they were great hosts and had a very skilled team. Two of my goals came from shots just inside the yellow line, beat a defender and shoot, and was able to find the side netting. The third happened late in the game on our last power play in the last two minutes. The ball just kind of fell at my feet and I finished inside the box, a little early but it proved necessary as they scored within a minute after.”

Unleashing a shot. (Charis Wilson)
Unleashing a shot. (Charis Wilson)

“Nick is a very dynamic player,” Lackey explains. “He is technically gifted, extremely fast and finishes very well. He has the ability to create chances by himself but also combines very well. Nick has not played indoor for a number of years but he was able to adapt very quickly. It was an extreme adjustment especially given the small arena in Olympia. I thought Nick settled into the game well once he got adjusted to the pace of the game.”

WISL Logo - 600Cashmere also notched three assists. “Assists in indoor are always a funny thing, because you can play it off the boards and indirectly get one,” he says. “But the Hammers have players who want to score and move, the hard work is scoring.”

The win clinched a playoff spot for the Hammers. “We certainly needed his goals and assists to get a victory,” Lackey admits. “He came up with big goals and assists in the second half to take the lead and ultimately to put the game out of reach. It was an exciting game and I think Nick made the most of his opportunities.”

Cashmere went to Bellingham High, and played premier soccer with Crossfire, where his 88’s won five state championships. Then it was off to St. Mary’s for college ball. Cashmere has had stints in the PDL and NPSL.

Cashmere left America in search of playing time in soccer. “It has had its ups and downs over the past few years while I have continued to try to play professionally, but most recently I just returned from playing in the Costa Rican Second Division with Atletico Deportivo Guanacasteca.”

Off the plane and into the Hammers’ line-up, then a Player of the Week performance.

“What’s next? That is a good question,” says Cashmere. “Hopefully a step into some soccer here in the States.”

Previous Players of the Week: Danny Romero, Willie Spurr, Andrew Weishaar, Derek Johnson, Derek Johnson.

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