Oly Town’s Willie Spurr is WISL Player of the Week


Willie Spurr in action against the Tacoma Stars last week. (Charis Wilson)



Willie Spurr, Oly Town Artesians.

OLYMPIA, WA — The Oly Town Artesians scored their first WISL goal last weekend. They kept battling and scored with two minutes left in the match to get within three goals of the visiting Tacoma Stars. In both cases the goal scorer was Willie Spurr. Spurr’s two strikes, including the first league goal in Artesians history, make him the WISL Player of the Week for week two of the Western Indoor Soccer League’s debut season.

“Both of the goals were first time shots from close range,” Spurr tells WISLnews.com. “They were moments where I had to react pretty quickly and fortunately I did.” Spurr’s brace has him tied with six other players for the league lead in goals in the early stages of the campaign.

Spurr is a graduate of Seattle’s Roosevelt High School but he’s become a soccer standout in the Capital with his play for The Evergreen State College, where he just completed his junior year. Willie was recently named to the Cascade Collegiate Conference All-Conference Team for the third straight year.

“Willie Spurr has been a great addition to our team and he’s been able to build on his college success,” says Oly Town head coach Nate Salveson. “The indoor game really puts his unique talent and athleticism on display. Even playing against one of the league’s top defenses he was able to score a couple of nice goals and was dangerous all night. Willie Spurr is going to have a lot fun in this league. He’s a tough competitor who plays with a unique flair and humble demeanor that makes him a crowd favorite. Don’t be surprised if you see his name here again.”

olylogofullSpurr is fairly new to the indoor game. “I played indoor for the first time last year with my coach Nate Salveson on the Kitsap Pumas. I didn’t get much playing time in games but I think it was a good experience as I was able to learn the basics of indoor from a lot of really talented and experienced players,” Willie says.

Saturday’s match was the played before a packed house at Olympia Indoor Soccer. “It was a really fun game,” says Spurr. “The Stars are a strong team, but the fans did an excellent job of keeping the excitement level really high and I think the way the crowd reacted to the play got all of us fired up. I feel like we’re still learning as a team, but it seemed like we became more comfortable as the game wore on and I was impressed with how good we looked at times. We’re all enjoying being a part of the Oly Town Artesians organization and I think we will be a really dangerous team this season.”

The Western Indoor Soccer League is taking a Thanksgiving break but matches will resume on Saturday December 6 when the Artesians host the Wenatchee Fire and Bellingham United hosts the Arlington Aviators.

Photos from OlySports.com and goalWA.net.

Photos from OlySports.com and goalWA.net.


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