Apply to join the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL)

It’s time for interested clubs and owners to apply to join the Western Indoor Soccer League. The league is planning to pick its final teams this summer in order to prepare properly for the winter season.


What is the WISL looking for in partner clubs? An appropriate venue (can accommodate a reasonable number of spectators, has a full-size indoor pitch), a well-organized and well-funded business side, and a good player talent pool.

It’s the dream of many a soccer fan to operate their own club. If you have the passion, energy, organization and finances to make your dream come true, then please contact us at

Please fill out our official online club application at Wufoo. You can go to it here.

The early-announced clubs are all in Western Washington, including the Tacoma Stars. A recently announced club, Wenatchee Fire, are in Central Washington. The WISL is open to multiple divisions as well as going as far east as Spokane and as far south as Portland-Metro.

If you have questions for John Crouch, one of the founders of the WISL, please contact him at

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