Wenatchee Fire join Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL)

WENATCHEE, WA— The Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) and the Wenatchee Fire announce today that the Apple Capital club will join the new league as it makes its debut in the Fall of 2014. Albert Rookard will lead the operations side for the Fire.


The Fire have a decade of competitive experience indoors, dating back to the 2005-06 winter season. The team has turned the Wenatchee Valley Sportsplex into their fortress over the years.

“Having been a part of the PASL for a decade, the decision to join the new WISL league was a difficult one,” Rookard says. “The answer became very clear after participating in discussions with the other (WISL) team owners. We have a common goal to bring the highest level of arena soccer and fan experience to the Northwest.”


The Fire will use their playing history and management experience to hit the turf running in the WISL.

“Our organization has high expectations for the coming season including more home games, league promotions and sponsorships, and a much earlier release of match schedules,” Rookard adds.

Fire fans have supported the Orange and Black in good numbers over the years. Rookard thinks that can continue now that the Fire are in the WISL.

“Fire fans will see a new level of play and game experience as well as seeing new teams that have not competed in the Wenatchee Valley Sportsplex in prior years. More games… better competition… improved facility… and we hope that will mean more fans.”


The Western Indoor Soccer League (or “WISL,” which can be pronounced “whistle”) was officially launched last week after behind-the-scenes discussions culminated in a conference call in which local club owners agreed to found a locally-run indoor league for the Northwest.

“The addition of the Wenatchee Fire is crucial for our league,” says WISL co-founder John Crouch. “The Fire are recognized as a traditional power and unique indoor brand in Central Washington, and beyond. They will be great partners as we go forward in establishing an awesome indoor competition.”

The announcement of the formation of the Western Indoor Soccer League included news of four other founding clubs: Tacoma Stars, WSA Rapids, Arlington Aviators, and a new club in Snohomish County. The Wenatchee Fire’s arrival now gives the WISL five clubs, with more to be announced over the summer.

Follow the WISL online at the league’s official web address of www.WISLnews.com, on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/WISLnews, and on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/WISLnews.

The league is taking online club applications (link at official web address) to gather information about interested team owners. The WISL season is expected to kick off in November 2014.


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